Client: Berlin-based yoga studio enso yoga
Role: full production

5 episodes present various topics (meditation, first yoga class experience, real meaning of yoga, etc) In this episode, studio owner talks about the meaning of enso

Client: Webtrekk
Role: full production

Comments by the experts about the GDPR and its affects on data analytics industries. 

(Note: German audio)

Client: face and body clinic Jaunatves namai
Role: producer, director, editor

Clients discuss beauty and the importance of being in touch with our body.

Client: Spanish School Viva Vilnius.
Role: full production

The students and teachers of the school discuss the structure and nature of the lessons, what's important for learning and how it is achieved by Viva Vilnius.

Client: UCS Baltic
Role: script writing

B2B video, explaining the benefits of R-keeper restaurant automation system

Client: international bu company ECOLINES
Role: full production

Online advertisement, focusing on the most important facilities by ECOLINES with a creative approach.